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How to Shoo the Flu?

Every news media tells us that flu and cold season is here! The evidence is around us - people who are sniffling, coughing and achy.

Sleep plays many important roles in our health. Especially important this time of year, is sufficient, restful and restorative sleep to strengthen our immune system.

During deep sleep, our bodies produce various substances which help protect us from bacteria, viruses, molds and yeasts. Research shows that people who get more deep sleep have fewer colds and flu. So, among the ways to reduce your chances of getting sick anytime, but especially this time of year, get plenty of restful sleep!

Of course, there are more ways to defend against illness such as washing your hands, avoiding unnecessary contact with sick people, managing holiday stress and eating nutritious food and reducing sugars, but remember that good sleep is still one of your powerful tools to increase your immunity against flu and colds.

If you are having trouble sleeping or getting the restful sleep you need to feel vibrant and vital, call our office today and schedule a consultation. We are ready to help.