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TMJ & Sleep
Therapy Centre
of Kansas

Welcome to The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas

Dr. Joseph Baba, Dr. Mark McLaren and their team at The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas have provided solutions for dental-related headaches, craniofacial pain, and dental sleep issues since 1982. We offer personalized, leading-edge care that addresses and corrects the problems that cause the pain, and are always attentive to each person’s needs.

Living with pain reduces the quality of life. It affects all the parts of a person’s world: physical, emotional, and mental. We understand this and would like to help you regain your joy in life.

Dr. Baba and Dr. McLaren are compassionate, gentle, and thorough. They will diagnose your conditions comprehensively and develop a methodical treatment approach to address all your concerns. They use advanced dental and medical techniques, combined with complimentary methods. Along with our team, Dr. Baba and Dr. McLaren will educate, encourage, and engage you to be a full partner in your therapy. Working together, we’ll have you smiling and loving life again!

Our practice has decades of experience offering solutions to TMJ-TMD, which can cause chronic facial, neck, and jaw pain, and headaches. We offer orthodontic care that creates beautiful smiles and moves teeth into proper position, to improve the bite and relieve stress on facial and neck muscles. The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas also provides dental answers for snoring and sleep apnea.

Our commitment to our patients includes providing information which helps them make more informed decisions about their health. Our website is a resource that we hope you will find interesting. Whether you are suffering from TMD, craniofacial pain or sleep-disordered breathing, our team of highly trained professionals will work with you and your medical team to provide relief.

When you’re looking for a TMJ dentist, remember that the American Dental Association does not allow any dentist or physician to call him- or herself a “specialist” in this area. Look instead for someone who has dedicated their professional life and education to handling these pains and dysfunctions; someone who has the extensive training and experience to sort out which of your symptoms are connected to TMJ dysfunction or sleep breathing disorders. Our doctors have thousands of hours of training to identify and treat TMD and sleep disorders.

We are here to serve and help, and to provide lasting solutions that allow our patients to enjoy life again. It would be an honor to meet and help you. Please contact our Wichita, KS office and schedule a visit. The sooner you call, the sooner we can start you on the path to a happier, more comfortable life.

At The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas, we give you more than hope; we deliver results that give you back your life. Call today!

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We understand your need to receive treatment in a practice that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Please feel free to call or stop by to schedule an appointment and learn more about the therapies and treatments we provide.
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Hear Our Stories

Lee Ann C “When I called your office, my primary goal was to avoid a CPAP machine after being told I had sleep apnea. I had some neck pain as well. Since beginning treatment, I have had great results. I have more mobility and less pain in my neck. But most importantly, I have avoided the use of a CPAP machine while improving my air intake significantly. My sleep quality and time has improved tremendously. Even better is your fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff.”
Jamie S “My TMJ case was challenging from the beginning and it has been a long road to health. If you would have asked me three years ago if I thought I would have restored jaw function, I wouldn't have believed it possible. However, today I not only have a healthy jaw, but I am healthier as a whole thanks to Dr. Baba's added focus on the importance of whole body health. I can't imagine not receiving treatment from the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre.”
Elise S “When I was referred to Dr. Baba by my previous dentist in South Carolina, I thought my dental health was as good as I could achieve. During the initial evaluation, Dr. Baba asked if I had any pain associated with my teeth or jaws. At the time I thought this was a general question. When I stated that I did not have any noticeable pain, Dr. Baba asked if I would like to listen my jaws when opening and closing my mouth using the stethoscope. I knew that I had some noise when my jaws moved but I was not prepared for the grinding and crunching sounds which came from both jaw joints...”
Courtney P “I want to sincerely thank you and your staff for helping me regain my life. Since being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14, I knew corrective surgery was not a personal option for me and that I would live my life with chiropractic, massage, and supportive care...”
Deb D “Finding Dr. Joe was a miracle for me, as I now feel like I have a 'relaxed' face, mouth, tongue, cheeks, jaw, head, neck, etc., and I'm on the way to recovery and a full smile that does not hurt when I chew, talk, yawn, or eat (just some minor pain of dealing with wires, rubber-bands, and a plastic splint); small in comparison to years of too-many-to-count unsuccessful healthcare professionals that tried, but couldn't quite hit the solution to my situation.”
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