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What Sets Us Apart

Relief for Craniofacial Pain and Headaches

When you’re experiencing chronic headaches or craniofacial pain, your quality of life suffers. It’s difficult to enjoy your time with loved ones, focus at work, and feel engaged with the world when you’re always hurting.

At The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas, Dr. Joseph Baba, Dr. Mark McLaren and our team understand how diminished life can be when you’re in pain. Our office provides advanced care and lasting solutions for craniofacial pain and sleep issues that result from dental concerns. Our Doctors are known for their treatment of TMJ-TMD dysfunctions, often succeeding when no one else can.

We will identify the causes of your pain, understand your concerns, and develop a detailed treatment approach that will help you smile again!

How We Help

It all starts with your first visit. Dr. Baba or Dr. McLaren will perform a thorough, comprehensive exam and take a detailed health history. They will talk with you about your symptoms, ask a lot of questions about the pain and your life, and seek to understand your concerns. Then they will work with you to develop a methodical treatment approach.

We believe it’s essential that you understand what’s happening in your mouth and how treatment will progress, so we’ll walk you through each step. Healing takes time and work: you need to be a full partner in the process!

At every visit we’ll update you on your progress, thoroughly answer your questions, and make sure you’re happy with treatment. We’re committed to working with you so you can reclaim your life and enjoy smiling free of pain.

Our Environment

We’ve designed The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas to be a calm, restful environment, to create an atmosphere of healing. You will feel safe, reassured, and hopeful here.

Our team members are people-oriented: each will go above and beyond to ensure your visits are positive experiences. We are friendly and engaging, and want to know about your life and who you are. We promise you’ll never be thought of as an anonymous number on a patient chart or a complicated “case” to be treated. Here, you’ll always be seen as a whole person who deserves respect and compassion.

Schedule a Visit

You’ve suffered from craniofacial pain and sleep apnea issues for too long. Now is the time to start the healing. Please contact our office and schedule a visit with Dr. Baba or Dr. McLaren.

At The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas, we give you more than hope: We deliver results that give you back your life. Call us today!