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The most beautiful smile is also a healthy smile. Teeth look and function best when they are in harmony with the face, mouth, jaw and airway. The comprehensive, leading edge style of orthodontics which we practice, takes all these factors into account. Just as in our TMD treatment, we determine the origin of the tooth misalignments to insure your treatment produces long lasting stability, improved function and a great smile. An open airway, a proper swallow, healthy jaw joints and a beautiful, healthy smile are our goals.

This is true whether we are guiding your child or grandchild’s jaw growth at an early age to prepare for later tooth alignment and help to prevent TMD or obstructive sleep apnea later in life Or whether we are moving teeth to better coordinate your bite with your jaw joints after TMD treatment. This style is called “Craniofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontics” and takes into account all parts of your face and jaws to produce optimum function and great esthetics simultaneously.

Of course, all of these principles can be applied to achieve these benefits for anyone who does not have temporomandibular joint dysfunctions as well! Call us today to schedule a consultation for this enlightened form of orthodontics.