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Meal Planning

Many patients follow a low inflammatory diet however launching into these healthy eating habits can be tough.  Planning your meals in advance can help you make good food choices for you and your family.  We make it easy with a simple Meal Planner and Grocery List to keep you on track!

  1. Start with a blank Meal Planner each week.
  2. Insert family Activities or Events into the top line (Soccer Practice or Family Ski Day).
  3. Visit the Recipes page to browse healthy recipes.
  4. Start filling in the meals based on how the day is laid out.  For example, if there are after school activities or last work meetings, consider a quick soup & salad, crock pot recipe or plan a larger meal the day before so you have leftovers.
  5. Start filling in the Grocery list and if it doesn’t fit into one of the quadrants, chances are you may want to skip the purchase (ie, chips!)
  6. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.  Avoid overbuying by looking through local ads and if you see that organic chicken is on sale, then stock up and freeze.

Happy Eating!

Meal Planning Resources
Meal Planning Guide Example Grocery List Example

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