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Breathing Dynamics

What Is the Breathing Dynamics Program?
It is a program for youth and adults designed to successfully improve breathing both day and night through proven methods including exercises and assistant lead appointments, based on a personalized treatment plan to reinforce functional habits and improve your daily life.
Breathing Dynamics leads to better breathing which leads to better sleep, in turn this results in more energy, greater vitality, better focus and concentration, greater immunity, more emotional stability and much more.

Breathing is so “natural,” who knew we could do it wrong? Who knew we could learn to do it better?
In the Breathing Dynamics Program, you will learn how to successfully maintain nasal breathing, aimed at rehabilitating sleep apnea and snoring as well as providing many other health benefits. You will also learn proper diaphragmatic breathing which includes slow, deep breaths as well as maintaining a strong tongue in its normal posture which facilitates proper jaw growth in children, and stable, non-collapsing airways in adults.

This is an age where:
1) respiratory viruses are widespread – flu, colds, COVID, etc.
2) breathing is shallow due to slumped over work postures – aircraft production or office staff
3) allergies are nearly universal – last Fall, I took a picture in Sam’s Club of 40 feet of shelf space about 5 feet high on both sides of the isle of antihistamines, decongestants, etc. Sam’s does not commit shelf space unless a lot of people have those problems and buy those products!!
4) most crooked teeth are the result of poor breathing
5) the quality of children and adult’s sleep gets worse and worse – ask everyone you know 3 questions:
a) Do you go to sleep easily?
b) Do you stay asleep?
c) Do you wake up rested?
Their answers may reflect a lack of adequate, restorative sleep.

Breathing Dynamics can improve conditions 1-5 above, and much more.
What reasons do YOU and your Child have for greater Breathing Dynamics?
You can reach out to our office by using the “Request an Appointment” button or by calling 316-263-2444 for more information or to enroll.

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